Live Abundantly

We help enterprising people build an abundant life by simplifying investment complexities with tailored financial strategies that protect and grow wealth.

Our ideal client is: Enterprising. Ambitious. Purposeful. You.

At Castlepoint Wealth Advisors, we help people reach their financial goals with personally-crafted investment strategies.

As an independent wealth management firm, our financial advisors specialize in guiding clients with more than $2 million in liquid assets.

Whether that wealth was recently inherited or built over the course of decades, the one characteristic each of our clients share is the desire to live a fulfilling, abundant life.  

A different style of wealth management.

Everybody loves the fit and feel of a custom-tailored suit. At Castlepoint, we approach wealth management in much the same way.

We believe every client is unique and deserving of a handcrafted financial strategy designed specifically for their current needs and longterm goals.

We accomplish this by building enduring relationships based on trust, transparency, and results. It is our pleasure to be able to advise and work with you in every area of your financial life.

We Believe in The Power of Giving.

We believe in contributing and participating in our community. Learn about the non-profit organizations we are passionate about.

Muscular Dystrophy Associationn
Muscular Dystrophy Associationn
Muscular Dystrophy Associationn
Muscular Dystrophy Associationn
Lynn Institute
Muscular Dystrophy Associationn