Bond & Stock Valuation Conceptions

Castlepoint Blog: The Point

The Art of Choosing the Right Fund

In this Jake’s Take video, Castlepoint Partners Jake Weatherford, CFP®, and Adam Lee, CFA®, emphasize the importance of fully understanding one’s investment strategy before selecting funds. Like building furniture, the process requires the right tools to achieve the desired outcome. Ultimately, the optimal fund choice hinges on the investor’s unique strategy requirements and objectives.

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Castlepoint Quarterly Webinar: Q1 2023

In this Q1 2023 market review webinar, Castlepoint Partner & Advisor Jake Weatherford, CFP®, and Partner & CIO Adam Lee, CFA®, provide a comprehensive analysis of the first quarter marketplace and current economic climate. The pair focuses on US stocks and bonds, international stocks, and different markets, offering valuable insights and perspectives on the financial industry. They also cover current events impacting the market and discuss why they plan to cover them. 

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