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How Do You Manage Your Money to Live Abundantly

Where do you start if you want to manage your money more wisely and steward your wealth so you can live abundantly? In this article, Castlepoint CEO Kendall King shares his plans for his Live Abundantly newsletter while discussing why many people struggle to transition from accumulating assets to spending them wisely.

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Top 25 Mindsets and Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

How similar are you to the most successful people in the world? In this blog post, Castlepoint CEO Kendall King delivers his list of the top 25 mindsets and habits of successful entrepreneurs.

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The Power of Compounding Interest

How does compounding interest work, and how can you unlock its remarkable potential? In this Jake’s Take video, Castlepoint Partner and Advisor Jake Weatherford, CFP®, discusses the power of compounding interest and its potential for significant growth over time.

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Five 401(k) Fundamentals

With all the rules and options, starting a 401(k) plan through your employer can be a daunting task. In this comprehensive 401k overview video, Castlepoint Partner, COO & Advisor Drew Garner, CFP®, discusses contribution limits, vesting schedules, types of 401k plans, investment options, and employer matching.

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