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Castlepoint Blog: The Point

Don’t Fall for the Comparison Trap

In this article, Castlepoint CEO Kendall King explores the detrimental effects of comparison on our financial and personal well-being. Using insights from a Harvard experiment, Kendall illustrates how comparison skews our perception of happiness and success. He offers strategies to combat this mindset, including practicing gratitude, making value-aligned spending decisions, and surrounding oneself with inspiring individuals. These approaches aim to guide readers towards a more fulfilled and abundant life, free from comparison traps.

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Cash Equivalent Positions

In this episode of Questions With Kian, Castlepoint Associate Advisor Kian Rahmanzadeh, CFP®, MBA, explores the appeal of cash equivalents, which offer returns of about 5.5%. While the low-risk nature of cash-like positions may be attractive, it’s important to consider their lower growth potential compared to market investments, especially for long-term goals. Kian explains when cash equivalents can be advantageous and why they must align with an investor’s goals and investment horizon.

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How Do You Manage Your Money to Live Abundantly

Where do you start if you want to manage your money more wisely and steward your wealth so you can live abundantly? In this article, Castlepoint CEO Kendall King shares his plans for his Live Abundantly newsletter while discussing why many people struggle to transition from accumulating assets to spending them wisely.

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Can You Have a Productive Midlife Crisis?

As people enter their 40s and 50s, creating a strategy to win the second half of life is essential. In this blog post, Castlepoint CEO Kendall King uses concepts from the book “Halftime” by Bob Buford to show how you can have a productive midlife crisis by moving from a “success” mindset to a “significance” mindset in the second half of life.

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Live Abundantly: Who’s in your top 5?

Castlepoint CEO Kendall King explores the strategic parallels between creating an NBA dream team and assembling a top-notch professional advisory team. Drawing insights from legendary entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, discover the key roles of advisors, led by a wealth manager as the ‘Point Guard,’ and the vital qualities of A players. Learn how building a cohesive team is essential for achieving personal and financial success, assess your current team, and take action to secure your ‘top five’ for a victorious future.

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Risk Tolerance and Holding Individual Stocks: Part 4 – Tax Deferral and Personal Motivations

In the final part of the “Risk Tolerance and Holding Individual Stocks” series, Castlepoint Partner & CIO Adam Lee, CFA®, discusses the benefits of delaying taxes for potential growth and the role personal motivations often play in investment decisions.

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