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Castlepoint Blog: The Point

The Art of Choosing the Right Fund

In this Jake’s Take video, Castlepoint Partners Jake Weatherford, CFP®, and Adam Lee, CFA®, emphasize the importance of fully understanding one’s investment strategy before selecting funds. Like building furniture, the process requires the right tools to achieve the desired outcome. Ultimately, the optimal fund choice hinges on the investor’s unique strategy requirements and objectives.

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Can You Have a Productive Midlife Crisis?

As people enter their 40s and 50s, creating a strategy to win the second half of life is essential. In this blog post, Castlepoint CEO Kendall King uses concepts from the book “Halftime” by Bob Buford to show how you can have a productive midlife crisis by moving from a “success” mindset to a “significance” mindset in the second half of life.

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Election Year Financial Planning

There’s always a lot of worry and speculation surrounding the stock market during a presidential election year. In this Jake’s Take video, Castlepoint Partners Jake Weatherford, CFP®, and Adam Lee, CFA®, discuss the role of politics in stock market returns and dive into data that shows historically positive returns regardless of who wins the election.

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Live Abundantly: Who’s in your top 5?

Castlepoint CEO Kendall King explores the strategic parallels between creating an NBA dream team and assembling a top-notch professional advisory team. Drawing insights from legendary entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, discover the key roles of advisors, led by a wealth manager as the ‘Point Guard,’ and the vital qualities of A players. Learn how building a cohesive team is essential for achieving personal and financial success, assess your current team, and take action to secure your ‘top five’ for a victorious future.

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What do you know about Annuities?

Curious about annuities? Castlepoint Partner & Advisor Jake Weatherford, CFP®, joins Castlepoint Partner & CIO Adam Lee, CFA®, to discuss the nuances of annuities. The advisory duo explores transparency, fees, and liquidity challenges. Watch this Jake’s Take video to learn why a clear plan is critical to informed decision-making, gain insights into potential pitfalls, and why some of the most successful investors prioritize comprehension over complexity.

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The Debt Ceiling and Asteroids

The debt ceiling crisis has captured headlines once again, but should you worry? That’s like asking if you should worry about an asteroid hitting the earth — if it happens, there’s little you can do about it. While defaulting on debt would certainly be less than ideal, both sides acknowledge the need to raise the debt ceiling. So, instead of panicking, we recommend focusing on long-term investing and trusting in human ingenuity to overcome challenges. Speculating on political events is a risky gamble that’s best avoided.

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