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Your Wealth Management Team

We are driven by our purpose: To help people live more abundant lives.

We believe the truest barometer of financial health is not just the monetary value of a person’s accounts, but the degree of happiness and wellbeing they yield. As stewards of our clients’ wealth, we are passionate about helping people reach their financial goals so they can savor the notes of an abundant life.

Your Castlepoint Team

Kendall King, CFP®, AEP®

Founder & CEO

Castlepoint Wealth Advisors | Oklahoma Wealth Advisors | Jake Weatherford - Partner & Advisor

Jake Weatherford, CFP®, MBA

Partner & Advisor

Drew Garner, CFP®

Partner, COO & Advisor

Melissa Ray

Partner, CCO & Director of Client Services

Adam Lee, CPA at Castlepoint Wealth Advisors

Adam Lee, CFA®

Partner & CIO

Ted Creegan, CFP®


Castlepoint Wealth Advisors | Oklahoma Wealth Advisors | Kristen Buchman - Advisor

Kristen Buchman, CFP®


Kian Rahmanzadeh - Associate Advisor

Kian Rahmanzadeh, MBA

Associate Advisor

Ansel Jeffries

Ansel Jeffries

Associate Advisor & Marketing Specialist

Castlepoint Wealth Advisors | Oklahoma Wealth Advisors | Reagan Ellis - Client Services Administrator

Reagan Ellis, FPQP®

Client Services Administrator

Courtney King

Vice President