Our Approach to Wealth Management

Our Philosophy

At Castlepoint Wealth Advisors, we are passionate about liberating people from the difficulty and stress of making investment decisions on their own. The Castlepoint philosophy for building a successful client experience is through an enduring relationship, objective and conflict-free advice, and a focus on client advocacy.

We desire to have a comprehensive relationship with you, and strive to actively participate in all wealth management areas – from advising on tax optimization strategies, to working with your legal team on your estate plan, to helping you decide if you’re ready to retire.

Regardless of the issue, we are prepared to advise and work with you in every area of your financial life.

Our investment philosophy is grounded in academic research influenced heavily by Nobel Prize-winning financial economists.

Only after careful consideration of your personal risk and return objectives, do we begin designing an investment plan for you. Our investment objective is to maximize your after-tax returns with an acceptable level of risk.

We go beyond the traditional US stock and bond allocations, including investing globally and do not concern ourselves with beating an arbitrary market index such as the Dow Jones or S&P 500. Your portfolio will be very broadly diversified among the global financial markets using institutional-level asset class funds.

Investing success is not just about making money, but more importantly, managing risk. Castlepoint believes there is no place for speculation with your long-term investments, such as stock-picking, market timing, or hedge fund strategies. Your broadly diversified portfolio will be invested in over 12,000 companies and across 45 different countries.

Our managers are disciplined in rebalancing to established asset class targets when necessary to ensure proper risk management. We emphasize keeping investment costs as low as possible, emphasizing tax efficiency within your portfolio. Most importantly, a disciplined adherence to your investment plan, which we strive to enforce through our investment counseling, significantly improves its chance of success.

Are you ready for a better approach to wealth management?

We liberate people from the uncertainty of making complex investment decisions by simplifying the process and building enduring relationships based on trust, transparency, and results.

We Believe in The Power of Giving.

We believe in contributing and participating in our community. Learn about the non-profit organizations we are passionate about.

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