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Castlepoint Blog: The Point

Election Year Financial Planning

There’s always a lot of worry and speculation surrounding the stock market during a presidential election year. In this Jake’s Take video, Castlepoint Partners Jake Weatherford, CFP®, and Adam Lee, CFA®, discuss the role of politics in stock market returns and dive into data that shows historically positive returns regardless of who wins the election.

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What do you know about Annuities?

Curious about annuities? Castlepoint Partner & Advisor Jake Weatherford, CFP®, joins Castlepoint Partner & CIO Adam Lee, CFA®, to discuss the nuances of annuities. The advisory duo explores transparency, fees, and liquidity challenges. Watch this Jake’s Take video to learn why a clear plan is critical to informed decision-making, gain insights into potential pitfalls, and why some of the most successful investors prioritize comprehension over complexity.

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The Power of Compounding Interest

How does compounding interest work, and how can you unlock its remarkable potential? In this Jake’s Take video, Castlepoint Partner and Advisor Jake Weatherford, CFP®, discusses the power of compounding interest and its potential for significant growth over time.

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Back 2 Basics: Life Insurance Needs Analysis

If you’ve ever wondered how much life insurance you need, look no further! Castlepoint Wealth Advisor Partner & Advisor Jake Weatherford, CFP®, kicks off a new Jake’s Take series about the basics of financial planning with a video that explains four basic rules that will help you determine how much life insurance you might neet.

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