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The Art of Choosing the Right Fund

In this Jake’s Take video, Castlepoint Partners Jake Weatherford, CFP®, and Adam Lee, CFA®, emphasize the importance of fully understanding one’s investment strategy before selecting funds. Like building furniture, the process requires the right tools to achieve the desired outcome. Ultimately, the optimal fund choice hinges on the investor’s unique strategy requirements and objectives.

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Cash Equivalent Positions

In this episode of Questions With Kian, Castlepoint Associate Advisor Kian Rahmanzadeh, CFP®, MBA, explores the appeal of cash equivalents, which offer returns of about 5.5%. While the low-risk nature of cash-like positions may be attractive, it’s important to consider their lower growth potential compared to market investments, especially for long-term goals. Kian explains when cash equivalents can be advantageous and why they must align with an investor’s goals and investment horizon.

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How Do You Manage Your Money to Live Abundantly

Where do you start if you want to manage your money more wisely and steward your wealth so you can live abundantly? In this article, Castlepoint CEO Kendall King shares his plans for his Live Abundantly newsletter while discussing why many people struggle to transition from accumulating assets to spending them wisely.

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How to Forecast and Weather the Next Recession

In this Jake’s Take video, Castlepoint Partners Jake Weatherford, CFP®, and Adam Lee, CFA®, sit down to discuss recessions and why they’re imminent but challenging to forecast. The dynamic duo explains why they build long-term investment plans to weather recessions and why the strategy at the top of a market cycle is just as important as the strategy at the bottom.

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The Power of Compounding Interest

How does compounding interest work, and how can you unlock its remarkable potential? In this Jake’s Take video, Castlepoint Partner and Advisor Jake Weatherford, CFP®, discusses the power of compounding interest and its potential for significant growth over time.

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